Overview of Program

Mission Statement

The mission of this company is to fill a critical void in the elementary education system. Capital Music LLC and it’s “Mostly Mozart”  program provides an artistic form of expression that enriches and motivates children. It seeks to do this by engaging students in innumerable ways, all of which can be applied to core curriculum subjects. Ultimately, the goal of having children learning an instrument goes beyond acedemics, it nourishes them with the joy of life.

Who We Are

We are creating the next generation of young musicians. Since our inception in several school districts, we have already seen great success. We are thrilled to have doubled our enrollment in our second year. Our lesson plans work in conjunction with the middle school’s current music programs, enabling students to directly transition into the middle school’s music programs with a tremendous head start. Mostly Mozart has been well received amongst teachers, students, and administrators.

Prospective Timeline and Eligibility

Capital Music’s, “Mostly Mozart” instrumental programs are held twice a week. A semester consists of 18 total lessons. Any student from first through fifth grade is eligible. Lessons will occur before or after the given school day. It is Mostly Mozart’s intention to avoid any disruption within the school day, and to make the program as accessible as possible for students and parents. To learn more about schedules and locations click here.